Tenant Handbook

Property Removal Passes

To help protect your company’s property, you have been provided with Property Removal Authorization Passes (purple half-sheets). Use this pass if you need to leave the Building with hand-carried items such as:

  • office equipment
  • boxes
  • packages
  • laptops
  • other items that are not obviously personal items

Please get a Property Removal Authorization Pass from an Authorized Signer. When you leave the Building, the Lobby Attendant at the Lobby Console will verify it and take it from you for our records. 

If you need to remove large equipment or items that are not hand-carriable, have your Authorized Signer email bldgoffice@455marketstreet.com with details of what is being brought in/out of the Building. We will schedule use of the freight elevator.  Tenant Authorized Signers may pick up additional Property Removal Authorization Passes in the Building Office.

Note: Lobby Attendants cannot approve moves or use of the freight elevator.