Tenant Handbook

LEED Certification and Waste Management Program

455 Market is a LEED Certified Building. In September, 2014 455 Market became re-certified to the Gold level by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in the Existing Building Category. Initially, in August, 2009 455 Market became LEED certified to the Silver level by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in the Existing Building Category. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the USGBC’s leading rating system for designing and constructing the world’s greenest, most energy efficient, and high performing buildings. 

Here is what you, our tenant, can do to assist the Building in maintaining this certification: 1) Energy Efficiency: Keep window blinds closed and slats opened for daylighting if needed to keep space cooler; 2) Recycling and Composting: Place items in the correct containers; 3) Demand Response:  Turn off unnecessary equipment when we are in a Demand Response mode with PG&E to avoid blackouts (we will alert you via e-mail when this response is needed); and 4) Transportation Management: Car-pool and participate in “Spare the Air Days”.

Waste Management Program

455 Market Building has won numerous awards from the City of San Francisco for our extraordinary recycling efforts. Our current diversion rate is 86 (meaning 86% of all the waste coming from 455 Market Building is diverted from Landfill.

Diversion rates are based on the quantity of items that would normally go to landfill, but because of our award-winning program the items are diverted and brought to where it belongs. All paper recycling goes to recycled center for pulping re-use, bottles, cans & plastic go to a recycling center for re-use, and compostable items go to compost piles for fertilizer. The diversion rate is very important in qualifying for the award. We look to you to assist in our waste management program to maintain our high diversion rate.

Composting, Landfill (Trash) and Recycling Program at 455 Market

As of October, 2009 the City of San Francisco has mandated 3 stream waste collection/removal with individuals required to properly place the correct material in the correct container.

At 455 Market, and throughout San Francisco, we are mandated to have 3-stream waste management system. 455 Market provides new tenants with complimentary 3 waste containers and signage placed in one main location (usually kitchen). The 3 streams of waste are as follows:  1) Blue container for recycled material; 2) Green container for compost material and; 3) Black container for landfill waste.

Each tenant orders their own black landfill containers (for under individual desks) if desired.  For the black landfill containers at individual desks, the evening janitorial crew picks up and replaces the container with a clear liner. Landfill waste is items such as dry non-recyclable Styrofoam, pens, plastic bags and binder clips.  Note: Plastic bags from individual stores are banned in San Francisco (as does not break down like recycling does) and are forced to go into landfill.

We recommend (as we do in the Building Management Office) is not to have individual black landfill containers at individual desks that require liners. We bring ALL waste to 3-stream containers located in the kitchen and sort accordingly. This saves janitorial time and waste of the liners in black landfill containers and saves costs and landfill space, which is precious.

In your kitchen and break room areas, green compost containers are provided and lined with green compostable liners. These liners should be used for all wet trash, food waste, paper cups, napkins, coffee grounds, floral and plant waste and any other items considered compostable.

By placing recycling, compostable and landfill material in the correct container(s) within your Suite, you are adding to 455 Market’s high diversion (from landfill) rate which is currently 86%.

Recology, the vendor that picks up the waste containers, fines for contamination – which will be billed back to you.  San Francisco Waste Program has a 0% Waste goal by Year 2020.

To avoid non-conformance with union contract constraints, we have agreed that only one central bin be picked up when it is full. Janitors will not empty paper recycling trays from each desk.

Some tenants have confidential paper and use shredding companies for recycling – coordinated and paid for by the tenant.  Please advise the Building Office if that is the case – we will then alert our janitorial staff to leave the bins there (usually locked) and require a Certificate of Insurance for your vendor to be kept on file in the Building Office.  We can use the number of tonnage for this recycling for our Building diversion rate, so please advise us if you use this type of service.  We will need the vendor’s contact information for us to collect this diversion data.

Please do not put the following materials in the Recycling containers:  mirrors, drinking glasses, dishes or Styrofoam.

Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard boxes should be completely broken down flat by tenants and placed by the blue recycling container in your suite (placed against the wall in a kitchen or break room is best). 

If you have a lot of broken down boxes, it is helpful to call the Building Office and let us know that boxes are there so that we may alert the evening janitorial staff. The evening janitorial staff will pick up these broken down boxes. There is no charge to pick up cardboard that is completely broken down, if it does not exceed the normal daily amount generated by typical office use. Please do not block any hallways, entries or exits, nor put any boxes outside your Suite (whether broken down or not).

If boxes are not broken down to a recyclable condition, we will bill back the tenant the time it takes to break the boxes down and haul to the recycling container in the loading dock. If it is a large amount of cardboard boxes to be brought down to the recycling container by the night janitors, we will bill back to the tenant the time to takes to remove the excessive amount of cardboard (15 minute minimum). Please contact the Building Office for this additional service.

If you are moving in, or have a large boxed supply order arrive, please coordinate the pick-up and re-use of your unpacked boxes or crates with your vendor (usually you can get a credit for them to pick up and re-use them when you are done). Otherwise, it may be billable for our janitorial crew to pick up for you.

Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges (used or unused) cannot go into the Buildings’ waste management program, as they are considered “hazardous waste”. Please arrange with the Company that you order the toner cartridges from, to also pick them up. Usually the new toner comes with a “mail back” label.  Please contact the Company to then pick them up (usually via UPS).  Note: Hazardous materials like toner cartridges cannot be left in Buildings’ hallways or elevator vestibules – the carrier must come and pick them up from your Suite.

Green Citizen Kiosk for electronics recycling services

A Company called Green Citizen provides convenient, accountable and safe solutions that make it easy for businesses to recycle electronics responsibly - helping to save the environment from harmful electronic waste (e-waste).

A Green Citizen kiosk located in the Building’s Garage Level (G-1). You can place (small) batteries, cell phones, CD’s/DVD’s and other small electronics – even plastic bags - right into the kiosk for free.

For large amounts of electronic items, computer monitors, TV’s, laptops, and other large hazardous materials (such as toners), you can contact Green Citizen or 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

You can contact Green Citizen for a quote or with any questions about what they can pick up. They can be reached at: 1-877-918-8900. However, please contact the Building Office so that we can notify Lobby Attendants for your vendors’ loading dock and freight elevator access.  

Furniture and Items Not Recyclable

For furniture you are discarding, items not recyclable, or e-waste you would like to get rid of, you can contact 1-800-GOT-JUNK. You can also call them for a quote or with any questions about what they can pick up. Furniture, including plastic floor mats, cannot be disposed of via the Building’s Waste Management Program.

We appreciate and thank you for your ongoing cooperation in composting/recycling efforts and helping to save the environment, and be part of the Buildings’ LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification maintenance. If you would like additional information, or if you have any questions regarding 3 stream sorting (composting/recycling/landfill waste) procedures, or seek one of the above (billable) services, please contact the Building Office at (415) 882-9123.