Tenant Handbook

Telecommunications / Data Cabling Procedures - Direct TV Availability

Ordering New Phone Lines

Installing a new line consists of three connections: (1) from the provider to the Building at the MPOE (minimum point of entry); (2) from the MPOE to the tenant’s floor, through the telephone riser; and (3) from the riser to the tenant’s suite.

The vendor of your choice is allowed to bring service to the building or MPOE (minimum point of entry). Infrastructure Management Group (IMG) is the only vendor allowed to bring the line from the MPOE to your floor, and from the riser to your suite. (Connection #2 and #3). 455 Market Building uses a single vendor to pull cable through the building’s riser to insure that specific fire and building safety regulations are followed in the building telephone closets, and to help protect the communications cabling for our tenants.

Call service provider (i.e. AT&T, etc.) and IMG (877) 611-8908

AT&T will bring the lines to the building and activate them to the “MPOE” (the minimum point of entry).

IMG will connect the new lines to the “house (building) infrastructure”, enabling them to be active on your floor.

Routine System or Office Cabling Changes

Call your vendor and IMG.

You may continue to use your own vendor or AT&T for maintenance or changes to your telephone system. IMG must be used to bring additional lines to your floor.

Emergency Service and/or Repairs 

1.Call AT&T

They will check the lines leading to the building to determine if the problem occurs at or before the MPOE.  Whenever you have a problem with your telephone lines, call AT&T first.  In our experience, most problems originate outside of the building.   If the problem is not found within AT&T’s equipment, then it is typically a phone system malfunction.  It is rare that a problem will occur with the house system cabling.

2.Call your vendor

Your telephone vendor can check your system but is unable to check the house system.  If the problem is not found in your system, then IMG must be called to check the in-house cabling infrastructure.

Please note: Whatever your decision in telecommunications, IMG is the only vendor currently approved to pull cabling through the building’s (vertical) riser system.  455 Market Building is a union building; all telecommunications technicians must be union members. 

DirecTV Distribution System

The Building’s vendor, Satel LLC, has installed a DirecTV distribution system at the Building.  To get connected, contact them for pricing and installation at 415-974-5577.