Tenant Handbook

Food Deliveries/ Non-Commercial Vehicles

During business hours, a food delivery person may check in at the Lobby Console, and obtain usage of the loading dock/freight elevator for wheeled cart/table delivery. A certificate of insurance is required if they are using a commercial vehicle and wish to park in the loading dock.

If the food delivery is hand-carriable, the delivery person will be allowed to deliver directly to you.  Persons ordering food deliveries after normal business hours must come to the Building Lobby to pick up the order. Arrangements should be made with food vendor to call when they arrive with your order. 

Non-commercial vehicles are NOT allowed in the loading dock (for liability reasons).  The Building’s Parking Garage can accommodate non-commercial vehicles with 15-minute minimum (see rate sheets in this package). The entrance to the ABM Parking Garage is on 1st Street.