Tenant Handbook

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

The building is served by a central heating and cooling system. The buildings HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system runs during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (“Normal Business Hours”).

We can provide after-hours HVAC service for you. If you are interested in billable after-hours HVAC service, please call the Building Management Office for arrangements. Typically for full HVAC requests (current rate is $235/hr.) 48 hours advance notice is required – a Building Engineer must be on-site to turn HVAC Equipment on and off, per union requirements. Another option is running the Building Fan System which can automatically be turned on/off by Engineering Staff at any time.  The Building Fan System recirculates air (only) and is currently $35/hr. Again, 48 hours’ notice is required for this request.

If you frequently have temperature problems in your suite or office, the following information may help you to make your area more comfortable:

Each floor has different zones, which control the temperature of the air. Because of varying degrees of sunlight (which equals heat even when it's not hot outside) entering into several different offices in the same zone, some offices may get uncomfortably hot while others stay cooler.

There is a way to even out the temperatures, and that is by using the window blinds, which are an integral part of the HVAC system, and vital to the Buildings’ energy conservation program. Window blinds are to be kept lowered onto the window sill for effectiveness and are provided to reflect heat away from the window. Per lease regulations, no items are to be placed or kept on the window sills at any time. The window blind slats do not need to be shut all the way to work. Position the slats at an angle so that the sunlight is deflected and yet you can still see out and receive natural light.

  1. If your office is on the SOUTH side of the building (facing MISSION Street), your blind slats should be closed between approximately 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM on sunny days.
  2. If your office is on the EAST side of the building (facing FREMONT Street) your blind slats should be closed at the end of the day so that when the sun rises the next morning your office will be protected from sunlight (and therefore heat). Your blind slats may be reopened after the sun leaves the east side of the building.  It is recommended that you close the blind slats the night before (and always prior to weekends and holidays).
  3. If your office is on the WEST side of the building (facing FIRST Street) your blind slats should be closed by approximately 11:00 AM in order to avoid the afternoon sun. They may be reopened once the sun begins to be blocked by the facing building.

If your office is on the NORTH side of the building (facing MARKET Street) your blind slats should be closed during the latter portion of the day (around 3:30 PM). 

It is very important to keep these suggestions in mind, as once your office receives heat from direct sun (even from one window) it can take up to several hours for the temperature to come back to normal.

Nothing can be done by the Building Engineers to compensate for this type of heat load; you must close the blind slats and wait it out.

Never tamper with thermostat controls. Whenever you have a temperature issue unrelated to sun exposure, please create a Work Order for Building Engineer to investigate.  Identify in the Work Order the exact location of the discomfort.

We have computerized equipment to make adjustments and other techniques without physically being at the problem location. Per San Francisco code, standard temperature for comfort and energy efficiency is between 72 and 74 degrees.